Cybersecurity Solutions

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

- Implementation of complex cybersecurity vulnerability testing (Penetration Testing)
- Manual scan of cybersecurity vulnerabilities (Manual Penetration Testing), Automatic Testing
- Development of individual tools for cybersecurity testing
- Cybersecurity verification of IT projects
- Development of innovative methods and strategies
- Laboratory of “white hacking” (Penetration Testing Laboratory)

Cyberprotection for governments and large organizations

- Protection against espionage, leaks of information, sabotage
- Defence against external threats
- Global analyses of cyber incidences
- Development and implementation of total control over IT systems
- Protection of strategic objects like power plants, military bases, space stations etc.
- Protection of reputation
- Protection against cyber-terrorism and cyber-propaganda
- Counselling

Implementation and management of processes during organization of cyber security checks

Protection from malicious software / cyber forensics

- Immediate response team for eradication of critical incidents
- Analysis of the newest and most dangerous viruses and malware
- Analysis and examination of incidents (Post-Incident analysis)
- Search and identification of malware and viruses
- Protection from viruses and malicious programs
- Laboratory of malware / virus analysis
- Cyber-forensics

Integrated solutions and trainings for companies that would like to start providing professional services in the field of cybersecurity

Projects and other activities / opportunities

- Cooperation with governments and large organizations within their existing programs of cyberdefence
- Counselling in establishment and implementation of systems of total control
- Courses / trainings for specialists of various levels including special military courses
- Collaboration in various projects
- Organization of congresses and seminars on cybersecurity
- Cybersecurity of currency verification